Brenda L. Croft

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ABC RN ‘Speaking Out’ 19 March 2023 – ‘Professor Brenda Croft: Harvard University and the renaissance of Aboriginal Arts & Culture’,

Karungkarni Art Centre 2023 Flood Relief Fundraiser

Naabami (thou shall/will see): Barangaroo (army of me), 2023

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Sydney Festival: Dyin Nura

Sydney Festival: Naabami Barangaroo

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Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Chair of Australian Studies, Harvard University 2023-2024

Kurrwa (stone tool/axehead) to Kartak (container, cup, billycan, pannikin): hand-made/held-ground, UNSW Doctoral Thesis; UNSW Dean’s Outstanding Thesis Award(2021); AAANZ Early Career Publishing Program Recipient (2022)

I pay my deep respects & acknowledgements to Ngambri | Ngunawal | Ngunnawal Traditional Owners on whose lands (sovereignty never ceded) I live and work, and to all First Nations Traditional Custodians on whose sovereign lands I am privileged to live, work & travel through, in Australia & overseas. Marntaj.